Friday, November 12, 2010

Are you running, Mr. Senator?

This week, during an interview on KFAB radio, Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was asked if he’s running for re-election. Surprisingly, he indicated 'yes' but he didn't enthusiastically say yes. "At this point in time I’m certainly planning to run. I’ve been fund raising, been organizing, we’re working on a campaign strategy."

That strategy, obviously, is to "explain" (and re-explain) to the good people of Nebraska the Cornhusker Compromise among other items in the Nelson voting record.

Nelson added, during the interview: "What’s more important than who has the majority is whether we can work together. Ever since I’ve been back there I’ve been able to reach across the aisle and try to bring about solutions, rather than try to block."

Take this to the bank and cash it: Nebraskans will begin to hear the phrase "reach-across-the-aisle" many times daily over the next two years.

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