Thursday, November 15, 2007

Left-wing blogger mis-labels Jon Bruning's tax pledge


It is well-known that liberals need new words and a new language for almost everything. Why? It is rather simple, they are simply incapable of telling the truth. Additionally, the liberal truth scares people and does not generate votes. Thus, the electorate must be fooled.

Our example for today is New Nebraska Network (NNN) - the self styled "New and Improved - Nebraska's premiere source of progressive online political commentary."

First lie - this isn't "progressive online political commentary" whatsoever - as the blog claims; it is the same old worked over tax-and-spend socialistic agenda that has been around forever.

NNN recently posted a Jon Bruning hit piece entitled: "Jon Bruning Joins Ben Nelson in Signing Right-Wing Tax Pledge." Read it if you must.

Beyond numerous factual errors and socialist slandering, what it comes down to is that NNN is displeased with anyone, ANYONE who is interested in holding taxes the same or decreasing them. This is a socialist agenda, not a progressive one. Take it to the bank.

BTW, NNN is operated by Kyle Michaelis a left-wing law student at the University of Nebraska. Kyle writes on his website that his "mother is quite worried about his job prospects." So sad. So cute.

If Hillary is elected president, we are sure that Kyle will be able to get work handing out tickets for patients that need to see a doctor in Nebraska when socialized medicine becomes law.

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